Over the years I gave over 300 lectures on six different continents. I enjoy lecturing as it is a direct way of sharing knowledge and interacting with people. I make extensive use of multimedia in my presentations and always solicit for a response from the audience.

Since, besides giving presentations, I also need to make new work, I unfortunately cannot accept all lecture request. Please fill in the lecture request form if want to make a booking or learn more about the possibilities. You will be contacted by our office asap.

Examples of topics that I like to lecture about are:

– Next Nature: How Technology becomes Nature.
– Food Technology, in particular the potential of in-vitro meat.
– Robots and our future of work
– Virtual Money, Connecting economy & ecology.
– Nanotechnology and its impact on our everyday lives.
– Bio Design: fusing the born & made.
– General presentation of my work and philosophy



Nike Creative Summit, Nike World Headquarters, Portland, 2023
Capgemini Future Session, Utrecht, 2023
State of the Region, Amsterdam Metropole Area, 2022
80 Year Airport Eindhoven, Eindhoven, 2022
Theatercollege, Munttheater, Weert, 2022
New Horizon, Evoluon, Eindhoven, 2022
Tech Talk, KNVB, Zeist, 2021
EuroAzia Media Forum, Kazachstan, 2021
Koningsdag, Eindhoven, 2021
Future of Humanity, Nature & Consciousness, Consciouslearningtribe, 2020
KNAW webinar Universal Basic Income for Artists?, Amsterdam, 2020
SINTEF Future Mobility, Oslo, Norway, 2020
Next Nature @OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China, 2019
IKRA Food Festival, Moscow, 2019
Living Tomorrow, Brussels, 2019
Future of Money, Samara, Russia 2019
Explore Automation, Tampere, Finland, 2019
Appetite & Apathy, Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw 2019
Foodhack, ACT Festival, Korea, 2019
Digifest, Toronto, 2019
Wuzhen Art Biennial, Shanghai, 2019
Hatch Demo Day, Geneva, 2019
ASML Tech Talk, Veldhoven, 2019
Future Work @ Albert Heijn, Zaandam, 2019
Delta Conference, Middelburg, 2019
Brainwash Talk, Amsterdam, 2019
Next Design Perspectives, Milan, 2018
Captain Future, Munich, 2018
Species and Beyond, Namur, 2018
Future Companionship with Animals Summit, Paris, 2018
Future Cities, WTC Dubai, 2018
Meat the Future, Lowlands, 2018
ASML Global Meetup, Veldhoven, 2018
Dangerous Futures, Trondheim Norway, 2018
What is Life?, Wageningen, 2018
Beyond Banking, Ahoy Rotterdam, 2018
ECHO Festival, Dubai, 2017
TEDx, Amsterdam 2017
Forum of the Future, Porto, 2017
New Generations, Rome, 2017
Converse Blue Sky Summit, Boston, 2017
NRC Moonshot, Amsterdam, 2017
Meet the Media Guru, Milan, 2017
Transmediale Festival, Berlin, 2017
Digital Business Day, Helsinki, 2017
GITEX Technology Week, Dubai, 2016
Festival Vivant, Paris, 2016
Brave New World, Leiden, 2016
Open Set, Seoul, 2016
Impakt Festival, Utrecht, 2016
What Design Can Do, Saõ Paulo, 2015
Biosphere Code, Stockholm, 2015
Economy=Ecology, TEDxAruba, Aruba, 2015
Money as a Medium, NetsDay, Helsinki, 2015
Digital Detox, Futur En Seine Festival, Paris, 2015
Internet of Things Conference, World Trade Center, Dubai, 2015
Nature 2.x, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 2015
How Technology becomes Nature, SXSW 2015, Austin, Texas, 2015
Speculative Futures, Insights ABN AMRO Tennis Tournament, Rotterdam, NL 2015
NANO Supermarket, Article Bienale, Stavanger, Norway, 2015
Real Nature is not Green, Natuurtop, Soesterberg, NL 2015
Digile Futures, Helsinki, Finland, 2015
Designer Organisms, Biofabricate 2014, Microsoft Technology Center, New York, USA, 2014
What if.., Thailand Creative Design Center, Bangkok, Thailand, 2014
Pyramid of Technology, TEDxGhent, Belgium, 2014
Cisco Disruptive Technology Summit, Zurich 2014
Dutch Digital Day, Amsterdam, 2014
Future Everything, City Hall, Manchester, UK, 2014
Post-Natural, Finland Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 2013
Real Nature is Not Green, Green Madow, Warchau, Poland, 2013
Future Packaging, Dow Solutionism, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2013
Future Food, Unilever event, The Royal Society, London, 2013
Next Nature Lecture, Finland design museum, Helsinki, Finland, 2013
How Technology Becomes Nature, ASML, Veldhoven, 2013
Future Cities, Greenwich University, London, 2013
Next Nature, TEDx Danubai, Budapest, Hungary 2013
How Technology becomes Nature, Eindhoven University Lecture, 2013
NANO Supermarket TEDx Satellite, Rome, 2012
Opening Year, Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam, 2012
NANO Supermarket, Society for Study of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies, TU Twente, 2012
Pirates Lecture, Conclusion, Mallorca, 2012
Next Nature, Iceland Designmarch, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2012
Anthropomorphobia, IDKWIGBIWTBT, Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2011
Next Ecology, Amber Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 2011
Real Nature is Not Green, Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire, UK, 2011
Next Nature, Alter Nature, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium, 2011
Nano Supermarket, TEDx, Eindhoven, 2011
HAIP New Nature, Ljubiana, Slovenia, 2010
Anthropomorphobia, Gogbot Festival, Enschede, 2010
Work, Demo Symposium, Lille, France, 2010
Money as a Medium, Follow the Money Conference, De Balie, Amsterdam, 2010
Nature Transformer – Microwave Festival, Hong Kong, China, 2009
Paralelo Lecture, Museum of Image and Sound, São Paulo, Brazil, 2009
Software Studies, UCSD Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, San Diego, 2008
Lecture Real Nature is not Green, Farmlab, Los Angeles, 2008